About us

Roses Internacional Tours

Why travel with us?


  • our professionalism
  • our personaliez attention
  • our efficient problem solving
  • our extensive experience in the management of group travel
  • the diversity of languages we can offer
  • for the ability to adapt to the needs of our customers
  • the flexibility and availability of our offers
  • our excellent value for money
  • Because in Roses the SUCCESS of your trip is GUARANTEED with Roses International Tours

Our vision

Roses International Tours, a JASP company ( Young Although Well Prepared), was born in 2013 following the demand of our customers to organise their linguistic and cultural trips via Prestige Idiomas, with the current vision of offering a global tourism service for both culture and leisure.

Our mission

Our mission is to guarantee quality by offering an individualised service. Roses International Tours has a dynamic team with the highest qualifications and 20 year’s experience in the field of culture and educational trips.

Our values

Values such as passion for continuous improvement, flexibility and personalisation, professional excellence and love for learning, place Roses International Tours as the preferred provider for organizing your group trip, guaranteeing value for money.

About us

Travel with charm

Our center of operations is located in Roses an idyllic place nestled between the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean Sea. 150 km from Barcelona and 30 km from the French border; it is the ideal place to discover the area with your group, whether young or old. The small town offers everything you need to make your group trip a success: safety, good infrastructure, good services, magnificent beaches, exceptional natural environment, leisure, fine sandy beaches, clear water coves, incredible Mediterrean cuisine, vineyards routes, water activities, hiking, and unusual visits like the Dalí triangle; and all this with Roses International Tours at your side to ensure your trip is unique and unforgettable.



Maite Muñoz Romero


With a degree in Hispanic Philology, I focused on the teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language. When I arrived in Rosas in 1994 I founded Prestige Idiomas. Now we also teach English, French and German. In 2013 we started our business beyound our borders. I manage the academy, search for new customers, organize linguistic and cultural trips for groups. The goal now is to grow without forgetting that what distinguishes us is personal treatment.


Marcela Addolorato

Commercial management

Academic coordinator for te education and administrative department. Since 2007 I have been in charge of the organization of travel programs for individuals and the school groupsthat visit us, as well as the coordination of the academic stay programs, taking into account the needs of the students, guaranteeing that their stay becomes a unique and unforgettable experience.


Esther Pairó Magan

Group management

I am of Spanish nationality. I speak Spanish, Catalan, English and French. I graduated in Tourism. My work activity, since 2016, is based on the field of human relations and communication. I am responsible for marketing, promotion, sales, customer service and for resolving any queries that may arise aboy your trip.
My work focuses on the National and European market.